Making a mockery of Biya: Post and Telecom Minister says expansion of digital economy cannot be done without internet 2

The Minister of Post and Telecommunication made a fool of herself and President Biya while presenting a paper at the so-called Cameroon Business Forum. Minnette Libom Li Likeng was asked about the suspension of Internet in the English-speaking regions of the country and the Biya acolyte acknowledged that the expansion of the digital economy as requested by President Paul Biya cannot be done without Internet.

“The Head of State has said that the whole Government should mobilize to achieve the expansion of the digital economy. And it cannot be done without the Internet.”  The inefficient cabinet minister also observed that internet will be reinstated in Southern Cameroons only when things return to normal.

Since 17 January 2017, the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon have been deprived of Internet services by the Francophone dominated regime in Yaoundé.  Numerous international organizations have denounced the move with little or no results.  By the end of February 2017, the NGO Internet Without Borders estimated the losses related to this cut at about 832 million FCFA.

By Rita Akana with files from CIN