Many feared dead as Intercity train derails in Cameroon 0

An Intercity train from Yaoundé to Douala derailed this morning at Eseka. The derailment was confirmed by Camrail-a subsidiary of Bolloré Logistics & Transport, responsible for the structures of the railway sector in Cameroon.

The CPDM government has reportedly deployed military intervention and security teams and have so far not made any official statement concerning the happenings in the country. Unconfirmed reports say many bodies were seen littered around the train immediately after the accident.

The country was hit by the collapse of a bridge on the Yaounde-Douala highway, some 65 km from Yaoundé. Consequently, the two main cities of the country were cut off by road.. Many passengers were directed to use the train services from Yaoundé to Douala, called “Intercity”. 8 coaches were added to enhance the movement of users which prompted the incident.

By Rita Akana