Manyu: Chief of Kendem Ako Stanley Akumarah dies in Yaoundé 0

His Royal Highness Chief Ako Stanley the supreme leader of the Awanchi-Betieku clan and traditional ruler of Kendem village has died in a Yaounde hospital where he was being treated for diabetes-related issues.

The Chief was the leader of Manyu’s largest clan and an influential traditional ruler.

He had been admitted to hospital recently to monitor his ongoing condition.

The Kendem traditional council has said that the late chief will be accorded a befitting ekpe burial – normally reserved for chiefs and seseskous.

Throughout his reign he was a strong advocate for preserving the Awanchi-Betieku cultural identity.

As custodian of the Awnachi-Betieku traditions and customs, he revived many practices including obasinjom, moninkim and offered scholarships to many Kendem children.

By Isong Asu