Manyu Liberation Council logs on amid former Mayor Takunchong “juju” outing 0

Press Release Ref. NO. 02/06062020


Fellow Manyus,

There is a video circulating on social media wherein the former mayor of Mamfe, Mr Ayuk Takunchung, staged a performance calculated to invoke the fury of evil spirits against our people.

We come to you today upon broad consideration and consultation with our elders and traditional rulers in Manyu to make the following pronouncements with their blessings;

1. The charade from Mr Ayuk Takunchung was designed to impress his

fellow collaborators and paymasters in Yaoundé and wasn’t sanctioned by any Manyu traditional authority or council.

2. Mr Ayuk Takunchung has no traditional mandate to perform such a ritual in Manyu without the consultation of the chiefs and elders of Mamfe.

3. Rituals invoking our ancestors or evil spirits are performed by our elders with the singular consent of traditional rulers not politicians.

4. Manyu Elders and Chiefs have reaffirmed that for curses to be effective, they must be founded on truth. In light of the grounds above, the Manyu Liberation Council is by this statement reassuring the Manyu Liberation Ghost Warriors, the Manyu diaspora and all Manyu people in Ground-Zero, Ground-1 and Ground-2 that the struggle to liberate Manyu and Ambazonia is legitimate and as a people we need not dread the fury of evil spirits.

The legitimacy of our cause justifies the blessings we have enjoyed from our ancestors and the gods so far. The wretched performance on video should be treated with the contempt it deserves as it exhibits evidently an act of utter desperation.


The Manyu Liberation Council Project Team