Manyu Liberation Council! Stop the talking! Fund the boys! 0

Fellow Manyus,

We bring you revolutionary greetings from your G-Zero heroes. We hope and pray that you and your families are all safe during this time of a global pandemic.

Last Sunday the 26th of April 2020, we presented an innovative structure to regain the initiative in our county in order to refocus our efforts to protect our people from French Cameroun’s genocidal war in Ambazonia. The creation of a Manyu Liberation Council (MLC) to unite our people and raise funds for our self-defense forces has been greeted with immense compliments and appreciation.

Over the last few days after the presentation, we have conducted additional consultations and considered proposals from you to improve our proposed structure. We are pleased to announce that from your feedbacks, we have made constructive inputs into the MLC project.

The role of our self-defense heroes can’t be overstated in our quest for freedom and independence. As self-defense is a vital department of this new MLC structure, we have spent the last few days engaging with self-defense forces in G-Zero and many defense overseers in the diaspora to ascertain the challenges they face. This exercise has given us a broad understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead. We are pleased to announce that our self-defense forces have exercised restraint and committed to halt hostilities against each other.

We are pleased to announce that on Sunday the 10th of May 2020 at 7pm Amba Time, we are inviting you all to a Town Hall to launch the Manyu Liberation Council project. The zoom link for this meeting will be communicated on Saturday the 9th of May 2020.

Your self-defense forces are excited at this great opportunity. We are excited! The time for talking in Manyu is over; the time for funding your self-defense forces in Manyu is now.

God Bless Manyu, Long Live Ambazonia

MLC Project Team