Marguerite Fonkwen Atanga is new director of CCA Bank 0

Marguerite Fonkwen Atanga became the new managing director of CCA Bank, a former microfinance institution that obtained its banking license in 2018.  Her appointment to replace Alexis Megudjou was announced at the end of the board meeting held last April 24 in Yaoundé.

Before she became the new CCA Bank’s head, Marguerite Fonkwen Atanga was the deputy executive director of the local subsidiary of the Nigerian banking group UBA. She was promoted to this position in 2018 when she was UBA Cameroon’s Director of Retail & Transaction Banking. The newly appointed director thus becomes the second woman to hold this position within CCA. The first was Charlotte Chekep Kouecheu, who was replaced in April 2020 by Alexis Megudjou.

Marguerite Fonkwen Atanga will be assisted in her new position by Ibrahim Oumarou Sanda, the deputy executive. The latter was also part of the UBA team.

Source: Business in Cameroon