Maroua: Boko Haram kills 3 in Kerawa 0

The Nigerian Islamic sect, Boko Haram staged a suicide bombing today in Kerawa, Mayo Sava Division in the Far North region. Cameroon security sources say the attack resulted in a death s of three people. We gathered that the young suicide bomber infiltrated Muslim faithful who were leaving the mosque after the dawn prayer.

“The toll would be heavier if the suicide bomber was inside the mosque where Muslims gathered for prayers” said one of the witnesses.  The blast actually collapsed a section of the Kerawa Mosque.

The Far North, affected by the violence at the peak of the insurgency in 2014-2015, had seen in recent weeks a gradual and fragile return to calm. But jihadist attacks have resumed in this border region of Nigeria and near the Mandara Mountains, where Boko Haram has several camps.  Military sources in the region reported that a truck driver was kidnapped today December 11, 2017 in the locality of Dabanga.

By Sonne Peter