Martinez Zogo Case: Amougou  Belinga & Co moved to Kondengui 0

After weeks of speculation about the outcome of the investigations into Martinez Zogo’s death, it has been reported that Amougou Belinga and many of his accomplices have finally been moved to the Yaounde Maximum Security Prison known as Kondengui which is testimony that the investigators have found probable cause.

Amougou Belinga, Cameroon’s media mogul, is the prime suspect in the gruesome murder of Martinez Zogo, the whistleblower and investigative journalist who has been exposing the shady businesses of the media mogul and his unholy friendship with government officials such as Louis Paul Motaze, the country’s finance minister, and Laurent Esso, the country’s justice minister who has been variously cited as having a hand in the journalist’s death.

Martinez Zogo’s death has opened a can of worms and one of such worms is the independence of the country’s judiciary.

The investigation into Martinez Zogo’s death was ordered by the country’s president, Paul Biya, instead of the police and gendarmerie which should be responsible for the investigation of criminal offences in the country.

More will be your as details get unpacked by our Yaoundé correspondent.

By Nelly Epupa with files from Rita Akana