Mayor Ekema Patrick honoured by Manyus in Buea 0

img-20161013-wa0004The Lord Mayor of the Buea city council, Ekema Patrick Essunge has been given a civic reception by the Manyu Youth Association based in Buea. The mayor was honoured in a reception recently that was purely traditional and was rich in pomp and colour.  In a rare recognition of new generation leadership in the South West constituency, the Manyu Youth led by its Fako branch president, Ako Julius was full of praise for the mayor who is reportedly doing a remarkable job in the city of Buea.

During the unique occasion that also witnessed a powerful display of the rich Manyu culture, Mayor Ekema Patrick was decorated with the Manyu traditional regalia in the presence of the Manyu Youth National President and some prominent South West elites. The Manyu community assured the Mayor of their unflinching support in his fight aimed at transforming Buea and reiterated the fact that they were at his service whenever the need arises.

The Manyu citizens made an appeal to the Lord Mayor to make available a small piece of land in his municipality for them to build a Manyu Youth Centre in Buea. The renowned National President of the Manyu Women, Meg Agbor in her key note address revealed that Mayor Ekema was a true son of the South West region, a great Cameroonian and a brother to the Manyu community.

In his reaction to the huge Manyu presence at his residence in Buea, the lord Mayor Ekema observed that “I am very honoured and touched that you have bothered to organise this occasion for me.”  The mayor added that the Manyus were the first in the South West region after the North West Fons to honour him. Mayor Ekema explained during the forum that the ongoing activity in Buea is not to demolish houses but to get rid of some existing structures that were constructed some half a century ago.

The man of action did praise the Manyu Youth for their sense of responsibility and thanked them for the honour. In his Mola Ekema style, the mayor granted the request of the Manyu people and noted that he was going to speedily obtain the piece of land for them to build their youth hall. Manyu traditional rites were performed amid heavy applauds for peace and prosperity to reign in Fako Division.

By Eyong Paolo

Dusseldorf City News Buea