“Mayor Ekema Patrick is building houses everywhere and changing employees” 0

Four employees of the Buea city council have been on strike since Monday morning demonstrating at the esplanade of the residence of the Francophone governor of the Southwest region.

They say the current Buea council leadership is owing them 24 months of wage arrears. The strikers who sought an audience with the CPDM boss of the Southwest region were unable to obtain it. Nevertheless, they are determined to carry on with their strike action.

“They want to see how far we can go but we are determined to go all the way, it’s our right, it’s our money, we do not know how we’re going to send our children to school. The Mayor is building houses everywhere, changing employees all the time,” said Hans Manga, one of the protesters contacted by Radio Equinoxe.

A staff delegate who spoke earlier on the same radio noted that the strikers did nothing to try to meet the mayor before embarking on their disengagement action.

By Sama Ernest
Cameroon Concord News