Menchum County: Fire destroys home of late CPDM Section President 0

The residence of the late Menchum I CPDM Section President, Chuo Cyprian Akwo, has been destroyed by flames in Wum. This has left his family counting their losses.

The family was asleep when they were awaken by heat and realised that their house was on fire.  They quickly called for help that never came even from the so-called Cameroon government soldiers parading the area. The family believes the fire was started by a political detractor.

However, there are conflicting reports coming out of Wum with some suggesting that the incident was a vicious and malicious attack staged by armed separatist fighters while others have opined that Ambazonia Restoration Forces were not involved in the attack.

The CPDM politician’s residence was set ablaze just few days after he died in Yaounde from an undisclosed illness.  Family members have announced his final burial rites for May 4 in Aghem, Wum.

By Sama Ernest