Message to Ambazonians as French Cameroun awaits presidential election results 0

This presidential election has given the opportunity to Anglophones to send a very strong message to Yaounde and they have done so 500%. Anglophones don’t seem to realize how powerful a message they sent to the whole world by boycotting the election 100%.

A boycott is a very important tool that has been used successfully during the civil rights movement in the 60s by Dr Martin Luther King and black people in the United States. It was used by Mahatma Ghandi and his people in India during their resistance to British rule. In South Africa black people used it successfully against apartheid.

Let nobody fool you Anglophones. You have achieved a great goal in your struggle for freedom and justice. The world was watching, the UN saw it all and took special note. Yaoundé is panicking but won’t let you see it. The message was powerful and resounding. You have gained great respect even in the eyes of Francophones who laughed and mocked you as ” Anglofools” or as “les fauteurs de trouble” when you started this struggle and go rolled in mud, shot and maimed and tour businesses burnt or looted.

Now, I want to say this. Let no single one of you go out after the election results are announced, Biya or Kamto being the winner. If you get arrested in Yaounde or Douala and found to be an Anglophone then you are a terrorist that has crossed to the francophone zone to incite trouble and you know what will be done to you. Let Francophones feel the pangs of injustice and let’s see the look on their faces. I will also advise that everyone saves some emergency money to use for a quick exit if necessary.

Source: Anonymous