Minister Philip Ngole Ngwese suspends 23 timber companies 0

Philip Ngole Ngwese, the Minister of Forests has suspended for a period of 6 months 23 companies  and 2 ICG (inter Community Groups) operating in the forest sector.

Philip Ngole Ngwese signed the ministerial order on Wednesday and added that the decision shall take effect immediately. The suspended parties are accused of non-compliance with standards related to sustainable environmental management and illegal logging, in accordance with applicable laws.

Cameroon Concord News Yaoundé city reporter hinted at the time of filing this report that Minister Ngole Ngwese has also threatened to withdraw the licenses issued to the companies if they do not comply with the law.

It is estimated that Cameroon loses more than 2 billion CFA francs related to illegal logging in a sector contributing up to 10% to the GDP.

By Sama Ernest