Moja Moja: The Chief of Bwassa village and BIR serviceman trying to escape Biya’s bullets 0

John Ewume Eko is the pro Biya traditional ruler known as Chief Moja Moja who reportedly became a prominent member of Cameroon’s elite force the Rapid Intervention Battalion-BIR in Buea.

On May 7, 2024, Chief Moja Moja made public a video on social media and claimed that some top military barons in the nation’s capital Yaoundé had contacted him to be part of a coup against Biya.

Moja Moja was never a military tactician. He was never respected by any Cameroonian in and out of power. So, when his power deep within the Fako constituency crumbled like a pack of cards recently over a fake coup revelation on social media, the man who had killed dozens of innocent English speaking Cameroonians and was seen as a star officer and star traditional ruler of the finest Biya Francophone tradition, was arrested as he attempted to escape to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Moja Moja has now been moved from Buea to the Secretariat for Defense in Yaoundé and he will eventually face a public trial over the alleged coup plot.

Moja Moja is only 41 and described by many as a young man with a criminal mindset who never had a great career in the military but took advantage of the war in Southern Cameroons and made himself relevant to the ruling CPDM crime syndicate in Yaoundé whose policies are driven purely on incompetence.

His Royal Highness Chief Moja Moja announced a phantom coup which led to his arrest and the matter promises to be hot.

We of the Concord Group gathered that five other acolytes of Moja Moja have also been arrested.

Moja Moja has now come to understand that he was dealing with a regime headed by a man drunk on autocracy. He is now in Biya’s drag-net.

Moja Moja with the support of BIR elements reportedly carried out several raids on the Buea University Campus and in Molyko stressing that his action was in support of a one and indivisible Cameroon.

Today, the regime in Yaoundé is accusing him of being the initiator, coordinator and executor of the so-called coup.

By Rita Akana