Momo Division: A constituency in grief 0

Consternation gripped the people of Momo division in the North West region after two prominent Fons disappeared in a road accident which occurred last Saturday July 8, 2017 in the west region.

A witness recounts that the two Fons were on their way to Yaoundé when road safety Gendarmes stopped them around Batoum in Bangante but the driver reportedly added speed but unfortunately met face-to-face with an oncoming vehicle.

The two Fons passed on shortly after. A source disclosed that HRH Dr Akam of Kai village and HRH Jokem of Mbwngwi were heading to Yaoundé to answer the call of Minister Mbah Acha Rose of Supreme State Audit for her maiden outing.

It is believed that several other Fons were awaited in Yaoundé for the meeting. HRH Dr Akam was a lecturer in the Faculty of Arts in the University of Buea.

The Secretary General of National Fons Union,HRH Chaffa XI of Bangolan told CIN that he was aware of the incident but could not give further detailes adding that North West Fons Union could react on that because it falls within their competence.

Source: Cameroon Info.Net