Most voters say Trump is ‘tearing US apart’ 0

A new poll shows that a majority of American voters disapprove of US President Donald Trump’s performance and believe he is “tearing the country apart.” The survey, released on Wednesday by Fox News, found that 55 percent of registered voters said they disapprove of Trump’s time in office and 56 percent said they feel he is “tearing the country apart.”

Just 33 percent of voters said Trump is “drawing the country together,” and 41 percent approved of his performance.
According to the survey, Trump has lost the most support from Republican men and whites without a college degree (a nine-point decline for each) and conservatives (a seven-point loss). All three groups are significant demographics in his voter base.

For most of the issues asked in the survey— including immigration, taxes, health care, Russia, North Korea and the environment — the majority of voters expressed disapproval of Trump. His worst ratings came in his handling with race relations. Only 33 percent approved of his performance there; 61 percent did not.

Fox News is reportedly Trump’s favorite news network and the only major news station he has publicly praised. Trump has described “Fox & Friends,” a morning show on Fox News, as the most “fair” news program.
Trump has scored all-time low approval ratings in most mainstream surveys, but in the past few months, even polls skewed in his favor have been reporting poor scores.

Trump’s approval this month hit an all-time low in a survey by Rasmussen Reports, a right-wing polling company that Trump dubiously called “one of the most accurate” in the 2016 presidential election.
Trump has already spent more time under 40 percent than any other first-year president, according to an analysis by The Associated Press.

Low approval ratings impede a president’s ability to push an agenda through Congress and make it more likely the president’s party will lose seats in Congress in the midterm elections.