Mount Cameroon Race of Hope: There are reasons why the regime has brought in Lady Sarah Liengu Etonge 2

The Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo government is attempting to use all available means to stifle the Southern Cameroons uprising and any actor who can achieve that is highly solicited. This time around the baton has been handed over to Lady Sarah Liengu Etonge-the forgotten hero.

The 2017 edition of the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope has coincided with the Anglophone crisis that has rocked the nation. Correspondingly, the regime in Yaoundé is now using retired Queen of the Mountain, Sarah Liengu Etonge as bait to capture the minds of Southern Cameroonians who regularly attend or watch the race over the years. The seven times champion has come out of her retirement and announced her participation but added that “It is for Peace and Unity.”

Lady Sarah Etonge is yet to condemn the rapes, extra judicial killings and massive arrest going on in Southern Cameroons but is only quick to speak of peace and unity. The woman whose statue was poorly erected by ruling CPDM gang in 2006 and was immediately brought down by youths of the Buea city council is now seen as a unifying figure. The million dollar question is: Can she go beyond lips and participation to bring back peace and Unity when underneath the race lies litany of problems plaguing the two English speaking regions with massive arrest, shootings, killings and imprisonment?

Observers hold that no matter the popularity of the Queen of the Mountain and the efforts made by the CPDM crime syndicate to call for peace and activities in schools to return to normalcy, things will continue to grow from bad to worse if  a better approach to the crisis is not adopted and the highhandedness of the government on the population withdrawn. Furthermore, if those arrested are not freed, if massive arrests are not stopped, if intimidation, phone checks are not abolished above all, a resumption of dialogue chaired by Mr. Paul Biya, Southern Cameroons as part of the La Republique du Cameroun will be history.

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