MTN Cameroon suspends over 600,000 unidentified subcribers 0

Barely a day after the deadline for the identification operation of mobile phone subscribers initiated by the CPDM Government, the mobile phone operator MTN Cameroon has suspended lines of subscribers who have not met the rules. Cameroon Concord News has learnt from local media sources that nearly 600,000 unidentified numbers were put out of the MTN Cameroon network. A spokesperson for the South African operator was quoted as saying it is matter of making the operator’s database reliable and to respect the orders of the guardianship.

The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Likeng Minette Libom Li announced that every mobile phone subscriber must be identified. It was in line with government policy that MTN Cameroon is committed to working with the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications to make the environment even safer and increase customer confidence in the network and take all appropriate measures, such as to guarantee security.  MTN has also advised that after six months if the unidentified customers failed to submit make available the rightful documentation, they will be permanently disabled.

Sama Ernest (Cameroon Concord News Group)