Mutengene: Population at war with police over the killing of a carpenter 7

The people of Mutengene, Tiko sub division in the South West region are still demanding answers from the Police on who killed Chrispo Akem Leku,a carpenter shot last Wednesday night February 22,2017.

It was a tense atmosphere Thursday in that locality of the sub division known for its hostile nature especially during situations like this, heavily armed police officers took over the entire Quarter Two as the Tiko Divisional Officer Che Ngwashi and his collaborators made preliminary investigations. Access into Government Bilingual High School Mutengene was denied as Police have also closed the building which was partially burnt by unidentified men.

Eyewitnesses say Chrispo Akem was killed by a police officer. However, Assistant Police Commissioner for Mutengene, Peter Nusta, observed that there were several versions of who killed the carpenter on that fateful night. While others say he was shot by Police on patrol, others say it was an element of ESIR, Mobile Intervention Unit of the Police.

Though investigations have been opened, the population of Mutengene has promised sleepless nights to the police department if the killer-police is not exposed and brought to justice.

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