Muyengue: General Elokobi’s family member 9-month pregnant woman rescued by Ambazonia Restoration Forces 0

Ambazonia Self-Defence Council’s Restoration Forces (ASC/RF)in Muyengue rescued a nine-month pregnant mother, Mrs. Belinda Njang, from being either roasted alive to ashes or shot dead at close range in her home by La Republique du Cameroun’s (LRC) regular army. Belinda is the wife of Mr. Mathias Njang, a family member of General Elokobi. Mathias and Belinda are parents three kids. They live in their home in Muyengue and they are expecting their fourth baby this week, according to Belinda’s clinical consultation reports.

At about 6.00 AM Ambazonia time on Monday, troops of LRC invaded lower Muyengue village and started their usual cowardly activities – kill, maim, arson, arrest, loot property, and extort money. As evidenced across the territory of Ambazonia, these actions by LRC regular army cause residents to flee their communities to unknown
destinations for safety. Today in upper Muyengue, everyone fled the community as LRC soldiers raided the locality. Unfortunately, Belinda Njang remained trapped in her home due to her 9-month pregnancy and fear she may lose her baby in the escape process on foot. She was left alone in the deserted community where only the regular
army of LRC including its elite Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) were conducting atrocities.

At about 2 PM Ambazonia time, Ambazonia Self-Defence Council’s Restoration Forces became aware of Belinda’s situation, her position, and risk of being killed if met by LRC soldiers. A small team of Ambazonia forces conducted a swift rescue operation and carefully recovered Belinda Njang from her home to a safe location where is now reunited with her husband and their three children. Belinda’s rescue operation by Ambazonia forces lasted about an hour and was concluded successfully just before the regular army of LRC arrived the upper Muyengue and burned homes.

Belinda is still gripped with fear that she would have been raped or killed by LRC soldiers if the Ambazonia Restoration Forces did not rescue. She said: “I knew I will be burnt alive at home or shot dead by LRC regular army if they found me at home because that is what they are trained, specialized, and ordered to do.” Belinda recounts her fears as she thinks of the recent burial of her sister in-law who was killed recently by LRC soldiers.

In late April, Mathias Njang’s younger sister Martina Njang, also family member to General Elokobi, was killed in Kombone by LRC regular army. LRC regular army raided the community, shot dozens on their legs, arrested scores, and burnt homes. LRC soldiers break into the home of Martina, shot and shattered her right leg, and she later bled to dead in hospital. She was buried last week, and the family is yet to come to terms with the memories of her gruesome dead.

ASC Restoration Forces successful rescue mission of our Ambazonia mother Belinda Njang in Muyengue Monday is testimony to the coordination and professionalism of our forces and their mission to protect Ambazonians and their property against a common enemy LRC.

The ASC calls on all Ambazonians, residents, businesses and institutions across the
territory of Ambazonia to cooperate fully with the policies of the Interim Government
and to fully support the actions of the ASC/RF to defend all Ambazonians and
residents, protect their property, and guard Ambazonia homeland.

Mr. Nkem O. Foncha
April 30, 2018