National Communication Council: Goodbye Peter Essoka, Welcome Joe Chebonkeng Kalabubse 0

The so-called National Communication Council has a new president. He is Joseph Chebonkeng Kalabubse, a former journalist with Cameroon Radio and Television who retired several times from the public service.

Joe Chebonkeng replaces Peter Essoka, who headed the media regulatory body since 2015, following the death in 2014 of Bishop Joseph Befe Ateba, first president of the CNC.

The 88-year-old President Biya recently made a clean sweep of the board and only two of the nine members were retained after a Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh teleguided Biya decree.

The ruling CPDM party retained Vice President Joseph Janvier Mvoto Obounou, Guibai Gatama and fired Alfaki Abdourahman, Charly Ndi Chia, Jean Claude Ottou, Christophe Bobiokono, Suzanne Kala Lobe, Nadine Machikou Ngameni.

An unknown media figure Serge Ngando Ntonè is now in the new NCC board.

By Rita Akana