National Dialogue: Arrest of Muslim Scholar further roils Southern Cameroons State 0

The whereabouts of a Southern Cameroons Muslims scholar remains unknown days after he went on television to rubbish the so-called National Dialogue announced by French Cameroun head of state Paul Biya and which starts on Monday September 30.

Abdul Karim, a strong critic of the regime has not been seen since Wednesday after appearing on Equinoxe Television in Douala, family sources say.

The Muslim scholar reportedly was on a mission to French Cameroun’s capital of Yaoundé where he was arrested and taken to an unknown destination by members of the French Cameroun secret service.

 Journal du Cameroun reported that Abdul Karim was arrested after a meeting at the Swiss Embassy on lame and ridiculous reason that he was suspected by security forces of trafficking arms. No official source has made any statement on the matter.

The arrest of Abdul Karim has further dampened any hopes of seeing members of the Ambazonia Diaspora travelling to Cameroon to attend the Biya National Dialogue as Yaoundé continues to declare itself unsafe for any peace initiative.

Source: Journal du Cameroun with additional editing by Asu Isong in London