National Dialogue Fiasco: Dion Ngute could soon be fired as prime minister 0

Prime Minister Dion Ngute could soon get a sack as prime minister to make way for a Southern Cameroons new generation leader Minister Paul Elung, Cameroon Intelligence Report has gathered from a well-placed source in Yaoundé.

Ngute virtually represents nothing, following the numerous challenges on his management of the so-called Grand National Dialogue that came from prominent Southern Cameroonians who are still flirting with the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime in Yaoundé.

Ngute’s advisers originally believed a dubious pattern in dishing out invitations to the dialogue would go a long way to enhance the prime minister’s political image and that Ambazonian leaders who hail from the Southern Zone would swiftly commit to the head of government’s agenda.

However, the people of Southern Cameroons and their Interim Government had other ideas which prompted the complete and total failure of the Yaoundé peace talks. “Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute (to use his three names is running out of road” our source added.

The ease with which delegates are picking up quarrels and threatening to fight is also presenting a problem for the prime minister, who does not even have a convincing message for the people attending the Yaoundé forum.  This means Prime Minister Dion Ngute ultimately have little choice but to resign.

However, pro Ngute comedians are saying he would take a different course this coming Friday and find some way to redirect the talks to meet national and international standards. But this is not what President Paul Biya anticipated when he announced the Grand National dialogue.

As a result of Prime Minister Ngute’s failure, French Cameroun CPDM barons including Biya are growing nervous and believe they may have to act first to prevent Ngute from speeding the collapse of the Biya regime. “A new Anglophone prime minister has to be Elung Paul” our informant further pointed out.

Some CPDM hardliners in Yaoundé now believe that the only surefire way to prevent Southern Cameroonians from breaking away from La Republique du Cameroun is to remove Ngute from office and replace him with a younger and more flexible Southern Cameroonian.

Under the new French Cameroun plan, Elung Paul as prime minister and head of government will appoint Barrister Agbor Balla, the former Chairman of the Ambazonia Restoration Council Mr.  Kumeta, former Ambazonia Acting President Sako Ikome into government with the sole purpose of diverting attention from the Southern Cameroons war and quest for independence.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai