New FIFA President in fresh scandal 0

The World Football governing body FIFA has remained steeped in controversy for the better part of the past three years. Its former President Sepp Blatter was forced out amid various allegations of corruption and several top FIFA officials have since been indicted of offences ranging from receiving bribes to embezzlement.

 The newly elected FIFA President Gianni Infantino is now embroiled in a fresh scandal, barely six months into his reign at FIFA. Infantino is accused of destroying recordings of a Fifa council meeting in Mexico and reports in some quarters indicate that FIFA is considering a 90 day suspension.

A FIFA spokesman however denied that FIFA has begun investigative proceedings against Infantino; “We are not in a position to indicate if we have or have not begun preliminary investigatory proceedings against an individual. We would however like to point out that there are no formal proceedings going on against Mr Infantino.”

FIFA’s current scandal revolve around reports that Infantino had planed to fire Domenico Scala, the head of audit in FIFA. The congress in Mexico city for which recording was destroyed was allegedly passed a resolution to allow the FIFA council to fire members of the Independent watchdog.

In simple terms, the FIFA council headed by Infantino was given the power to fire Scala and all the other members of the FIFA Independent watchdog.

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