North West Lawyers reinstate Barrister Bobga Harmony as their leader 0

Members of the North West lawyers Association, NOWELA, have canceled a decision taken on December 27, 2016 that removed Barrister Bobga Harmony Mbuton as their leader.

In a press release on Wednesday December 28, 2016, the lawyers said that, “We hereby withdraw our initial position passing the vote of no confidence on our President. Consequently the resolution dated 27 December is null and void and we state clearly that Barrister Bobga Harmony Mbuton remains the President of NOWELA.”

The lawyers had dismissed their president for partaking in the Yaoundé meeting geared at seeking lasting solutions to problems raised by Common Law Lawyers against the wish of the general assembly. The lawyers saw this as a provocation and an attempt to sell out the struggle of the Common law Lawyers.

But it was later explained that Barrister Harmony went to Yaoundé without the final document of the Consortium which called for a boycott of the meeting chaired by Pierre Fogue, Minister Delegate at the ministry of Justice. It was also revealed that at the time of Barrister Bobga’s departure for Yaounde, the Consortium was still in conclave.

Culled from CIN