Of Biya and the Chinese, CDC, PAMOL and business tycoon Danpullo 0

The Chinese government recently announced that it has written off almost $78m (£60m) from Cameroon’s debt as part of measures to ease economic hardship in the country, but it is evidently clear that China is exploiting a desperate regime that is taking the last kicks of a dying horse and playing for greater access to Cameroon resources.

Beijing and Yaounde made public the debt relief announcement on Friday last week shortly after a meeting between the 85 year old President Paul Biya and Yang Jiechi, a special representative of China’s President Xi Jinping.

Chinese media houses also reported that Cameroon’s total debt burden to China stands at almost $5.7bn (£4.4bn), citing figures from the Autonomous Sinking Fund, the public entity that manages Cameroon’s external debt. We also gathered from the Biya-Yang Jiechi press release that the sum of $78m that has been wiped is money that should have been paid in 2018, but which Cameroon failed to pay.

Finally, the Chinese have taken over Cameroon (to be precise) French Cameroun and the roots of Chinese colonization are very deep that not even the French can decolonized.  The Chinese gesture without mincing words is NOT an act of charity. We now have evidence that Biya and his ruling CPDM gang have handed over the mines in the East region and the iron ore deposits in the South to the Chinese.

President Biya flew to China for the third Summit of the China-Africa Cooperation in September and pleaded with Chinese authorities to ease Cameroon’s debt burden. The Special Representative of China’s President Xi Jinping has been quoted by our intelligence sources in Yaoundé as saying that Xi Jinping made it very clear to Biya “If you cannot pay, then hand over the mines to us.”

The Chinese are not in Cameroon to play; they are pursuing a well-calculated mission of taking over the country. Russia is already installing a military base in the Central African Republic that will benefit both Beijing and Moscow if the French attempt to disrupt the plan.

A French Cameroun ministerial task team established by the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime has reported that CDC and PAMOL are now a thing of the past. We of this publication think, Biya and his crime syndicate should be held responsible for the collapse of these two gigantic agro-industrial plants as the leadership of the CDC and PAMOL are both connected to the crimes committed against Southern Cameroonians.

Governor Okalia Bilai (Board Chair PAMOL) and Itoe Benjamin (Board Chair CDC) including the general managers were among the so-called South West Elites who ordered Nkemgu Martin to read a communiqué addressed to President Biya demanding the deployment of more troops to kill the laborers, their children and the local population working in these plantations. They must now face the far reaching consequences of their actions.

Baba Danpullo’s empire too is collapsing at catastrophic rapidity! The internet shut down in Southern Cameroons greatly affected the man who is a chartered Biya business partner. He wrongfully thought that the crisis in Southern Cameroons was a repeat of the CPDM/SDF political tug-of-war in 1990. Correspondingly, he attempted to put the Muslim population at daggers-drawn positions with the people of Southern Cameroons. That venture failed and today the Vietnamese who originally owned Nexttel are soon to take him to an international court. He is the right man to tell Biya that it is cheaper to talk for 1000 years than to fight for just a day.

By Rita Akana in Yaounde