Of Fru Ndi and the Agbor Balla Press Release 0

Dear Editor,

In Africa I remember how we use to arrive at the train stations thirty minutes after the scheduled departure time but were still able to board the train. I was fascinated years after that in Europe, arriving a few minutes after the scheduled departure time had adverse effects. Without exception, whenever I arrived at the train station late, the train had left.

Reading the Press Release from Dr Balla, Fru Ndi and co yesterday regarding the Ambazonia struggle gave me the impression that they have arrived at the train station after the scheduled train had departed. In my estimation they are preachers with no congregations. They should realise that our struggle has taken a diverse bearing. Our people spoke on the 1st Of October and the interim administration has a mandate to implement the demands of our people

This publication arrived a few days after the interim Prime Minister published his first government. You tell me if this is a coincidence. The people of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia are level-headed but can’t be taken for fools.

We can all clearly see through this so call press release. This was meant to have a deleterious outcome on the work that the interim government is undertaking. There are challenges ahead for all Ambazonians and no distractions are required at this stage. As we pull together to support our first administration, the efforts of all who intend to disrupt our struggle must be treated with the contempt it deserves. Do they think that this pathetic and morose statement will have any effect in Etoudi? We all know the answer to that.

For a very long time, Ambazonians and people with brains have not taken Fru Ndi any seriously. His partnership with Paul Biya to betray his constituents has been nothing more than a disgrace. Dr Balla has been exposed as compromised and now they have formed a preposterous partnership. One is left with no alternative but to ask Dr Balla’s political party or leaning?

My submission is they are grossly ignoring the fact that the direction of this struggle has left them with no support. They should join the struggle or stay unobtrusive. Their press release carry no influence.

Nso John Bessong

Barcelona, Spain