Of La Republique’s internet mercenaries, General Rene Meka and the dubious Swiss NGO 0

The recent revelation of the hiring of internet mercenaries from amongst our own people by the decaying French vassal terrorist state of Cameroun does not come as a surprise.

People who are morally weak and devoid of integrity are always susceptible to being bought over as traitors and mercenaries.

There are two sources of the information that has been put out in the public domain. First, the information has been intentionally leaked by French Cameroun itself. Secondly the information has been leaked by Cameroun’s equally hired outfit, the dubious Swiss NGO that calls itself Humanitarian Dialogue (HD). Disclosing the mercenaries they have hired is part of what they call “blacklegs confusion”.

They start by discrediting persons who are morally vulnerable. They advertise these individuals as truly jobless, hungry, spineless, intellectually weak and untrustworthy. That makes the individuals in question villains.

French Cameroun clearly understands that every mercenary or blacklegger is a morally debased and weak person and hence an actual or potential betrayer who cannot be trusted because once a traitor always a traitor to any side.

After having obtained intelligence from these individuals, the Camerounese ‘strategy’ consists in demonstrating how traitorous, corrupt and morally bankrupt these individuals are! In that way the individuals concerned are made useless and hopeless as source of any useful intelligence by any other side thinking of using them. Whatever they say, including attempts to cast doubts on payments made to them, can then be plausibly denied as coming from persons of extremely doubtful character who cannot be believed.

Having through its disclosures knocked out these peripheral ‘actors’ and other blackleggers,  French Cameroun hopes to be able to contrive a different ‘strategy’ to deal  with the hard core of the Struggle.

After popping in and out of Bamenda and Buea, the Camerounese general Meka  candidly told a closed door meeting in Yaoundé that the brutality of the violence alone will not win the war for French Cameroun and that the regime needed to devise another strategy to go in tandem with the hostilities or unleashed more than three years ago.

The buying over of named individuals is part of the ‘strategy’ and so too is stealing contributions sent through the internet, creation of fictitious US phone numbers, interference with facebook accountants, and distortion and mutilation of messages put out by the Resistance.

From Intelligence Files