Of President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, Acting President Sako and the Ambazonian people 0

A man, blessed with a rich mind, called our editorial desk yesterday to express his frustration at the current direction of the Ambazonian revolution. We feel that as a decent Ambazonian citizen, his concerns were candid. We concur with him that the last few days have been bumpy and challenging in our revolution. Like him, we of Cameroon Concord News Group have found ourselves awake late at night contemplating the unthinkable. We have cursed and questioned our sanities and the reasonableness of many in this struggle. The squabbling amongst our leaders, the irrational recording and circulation of audios and videos intended to soothe our egos not serve the revolution has worried many intensely.

As the hours have gone by since talking to our friend, we have jogged our memories, and concluded that squabbling and disagreements are a fact of human existence. They are nothing new. They are as old as man. Students of history and historians would point at numerous illustrations in the past when individuals with similar goals have turned against each other but later returned to their senses to achieve their common objective. Wherever you have some strong characters and personalities, it’s inevitable that disagreements will ensure. Let’s remind ourselves that it takes strong characters to stand up to tyrants. Isn’t that one of the motivations of this revolution?

After the squabbling amongst ourselves in the Diaspora, the fundamental objective of this struggle remains the liberation of our homeland. Freedom for all our people living in bondage must remain at the forefront of our consciousness. The burning of villages and hospitals back home in Ambazonia, and the senseless murder of innocent civilians by a bloodthirsty regime in Yaoundé must bring us all back to reality. As we remind ourselves just how unwise the last few days have been, let’s all get back to work. As Ambazonians, we have no choice. We get back to work or we perish. We are compelled to look beyond ourselves. We were called into this struggle to liberate and create a new nation; The Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

Our generation will be judged by our descendants and their peers on the success or failure of this struggle. Very few generations during the many years that man has tenanted this planet get the chance to change the course of history. We have a fantastic opportunity. We have demonstrated over the last two years that we can give the rogues in Yaoundé a run for their money.

Cameroon Concord News Group subscribes to the belief that the last few days have been bumpy and challenging but would bring great wisdom disguised in them. The duty of every Ambazonian is to unmask this wisdom and put them towards the success of this struggle.

Sesseskou Asu Isong

Cameroon Concord News Group London UK