Open Letter to Chief V. E. Mukete 0

Your Royal Highness,
In 1990, the founding National Vice President of the CPDM party, Dr. John Ngu Foncha resigned from the party, citing some of the issues you are now complaining about.

By remaining inside that party, did you hope to correct those wrongs or did you consider that John Ngu Foncha was just a nuisance and ought to be dispensed with? In 1993 both John Ngu Foncha and S. T. Muna, who are considered as the fathers of the nation used the opportunity of AAC1 to offer their apologies to the people of Southern Cameroons for having driven them into an unfortunate marriage with a barbaric people.

Since you say you are like them because you fought for reunification, do you think that what you said in the upper house of parliament on 9th April 2019 is enough to atone for the killings and burning of villages under your jurisdiction as paramount traditional ruler, by the army of Mr. Paul Biya who recruits and pays you? In June/July 2017, Dr. Simon Munzu spent a week in Yaoundé, plying all Anglophone MPs and Senators (after he had travelled the entire North West and South West appealing to all traditional rulers) to form a delegation and seek audience with Mr. Paul Biya to request that he convene a national dialogue.

How did you receive Munzu’s advocacy and how did you react? Did you even summon a meeting to consider his plea or you just ignored him the way your younger brother and employer, Mr. Paul Biya has treated Anglophones with spite and disdain, beginning from John Ngu Foncha to that grandmother whom his army burnt in her house in Kwa Kwa and that child whom he sent his army to wake him up from sleep at 5a.m and shoot him dead in Batibo?

Well, your Highness, it seems to me that after publishing a well written book in 2014 which recounts the history of this country, you feel like you have still not done enough by way of legacy and you thought by that outburst in senate in Wirba-like fashion you are doing something to be remembered by.

I think that the reception which that drama you put up got from the Anglophone public tells you there is more you can do if you don’t want people to attend your funeral only to grab what they can.

You have two options: either you apologize to us and immediately resign from that moribund house of ghosts called senate, and also pull out of that masquerade called CPDM, or you form a delegation of about fifty Anglophones, including Musonge, Achidi Achu and all the others of that ilk, to take up permanent position in front of that house where Paul Biya works and stay there until he convenes a national dialogue as the international community has demanded of him.

I can bet you my life that if you do this, all the people of Southern Cameroon in Yaounde will join you there and even if you die in that action, you will be better immortalized.

What you did in senate recently was just a lame aping of the Wirba phenomenon and was quickly ignored.

Atemkeng in Madrid, Spain