Organizational Change within Ambazonia Self-Defense Council 0

July 21, 2018

********** Revolutionary greetings to the great people of Ambazonia

The focus of my statement today is organizational change within the ASC. My brief statement is in three parts. I am going to start with a significant announcement in the context of which the council exist. Secondly, I will offer appreciation to restoration forces and the general population of Ambazonia for your solidarity and determination in this liberation war. Finally, I will share one fact that underpins our collective determination, cross partnership, and unity of purpose in the defense council.

The leading goal of my statement today is to announce to the national and international audience a major organizational change within the Ambazonia Self-Defense Council toward fighting the war that was officially declared on the unarmed, hospitable, and peace-loving citizens of Ambazonia on 30 November 2017 by President Paul Biya of la Republique du Cameroun. At the time, President Biya expected a victory within 24 hours during which his usual military autocracy and crooked government machinery would overrun our territory, crush our will, capture us, and subject us to perpetual bondage and slavery under a non-legally binding union since 1961.

On behalf of the people of Ambazonia, the ASC sends this clear message to the government of LRC – Ambazonians are not push overs on our soil within our international recognized boundary. The gruesome and inhumane atrocities of LRC soldiers on Ambazonia soil have crossed ASC redline and the actual liberation war for Ambazonia is yet to begin. This relates directly to why there is organizational change within the ASC. To that end, I am excited to announce today that the Council has tasked me another assignment and greater responsibilities. Therefore, I am stepping down as the ASC spokesperson to take up my new responsibilities. Simultaneously, the Council has appointed a new spokesperson to  continue to provide defense related information to the national and international audience.

In the spirit of one fight one goal and one purpose, I am honored to introduce Comrade Jude Mbiydzenyuy as the new ASC Spokesperson. Thank you, Comrade Jude Mbiydzenyuy for your commitment to serve the people of Ambazonia by accepting to fill this important position. You have my full support. My country people, I plead that you give Comrade Jude Mbiydzenyuy even greater support than you gave me to facilitate our journey to Buea, the historic capital of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

A second goal of my statement today is to thank you for your commitment and loyalty to the liberation war. Beloved brothers and sisters, the bible says everything that has a beginning also has an end. It has been a pleasure serving you as the pioneer Spokesperson for the Ambazonia Self Defense Council (ASC).

I want to sincerely thank our professional commanders and gallant restoration forces in ground zero for putting their lives on the line to defend our country and our citizens. Thank you for protecting our women, sisters, mothers, wives, sons, and daughters against the existential threat they face daily from the barbaric soldiers and security forces of LRC. I salute all the courage and sacrifice of our fallen soldiers. You are the true heroes of Ambazonia. Your contributions to this liberation struggle will forever be appreciated. Your blood will not go in vain.

Finally, I will like to share assessment of our challenges and progress. My dear country people, it has not been easy. But thanks to God Almighty, our sole source of strength and wisdom, the Restoration Forces of the Ambazonia Self-Defense Council continue to uproot conventional and heavily armed LRC soldiers in an unprecedented manner. In your heart, know that a free Ambazonia is a few miles away. Strategically and tactically, all defense forces remain focused to weaken, defeat, and repel the forces loyal to the annexing government of la Republique du Cameroun.

My dear citizens, I like you to note that by dint of the hard work and unparalleled resilience of our restoration forces, we have partially contained the incursion of mercenaries hired by LRC government to fight alongside LRC soldiers to kills, maim, and abduct our citizens as well as to torch our homes, and in some cases with our disabled seniors inside. I would like to point out that this determination to fight until victory is achieved is motivated by our love for our God given fatherland Ambazonia and our quest to live free and in dignity in our preferred economic, political and social system consistent with international norms.

In conclusion, I will like to thank the ASC, IG and people of Ambazonia for giving me the opportunity to serve Ambazonians in the capacity of the ASC Spokesperson. Together we shall get to Buea. God Bless Ambazonia.

Thank you. SIGNED: Nso N. Foncha