Ossing Chiefdom: ODCA-UK extends appreciation 0

The President of the Ossing Community in the United Kingdom (ODCA-UK) has told Cameroon Concord News Group that the Elders and Kingmakers of the Chiefdom of Ossing have demonstrated integrity, honesty and sound judgment in the enthronement of Sessekou Prof Teddy Ako as the new traditional ruler of Ossing village in Manyu.

Mrs Evelyn Eyong who is leading one of the fastest growing cultural groups in the United Kingdom was cheerful and grinning with hope and expectation for her village. She said “Chief Teddy Ako is soft -spoken, extremely intelligent and knows the village inside-out”.

Chief Prof Teddy Ako who belongs to a small group of genuine Manyu academics has worked in various roles at Universities in Cameroun. He succeeds late General James Tataw who travelled to the land of his ancestors in July 2019.

The Chief Teddy Ako comes in as a senior Sessekou in his village and the natural successor from the Boh Ako clan of Ebarensi quarters where the Chieftaincy Stool now resides.

Mrs Evelyn Eyong said “at a time when many Manyu villages cannot organise succession plans for their Chiefdoms, Ossing village has remained true to the principles and foundations laid down by our forefathers

“I hope many villages in Manyu will emulate the Ossing example” she furthered.

Mrs Eyong who in May 2020, was instrumental in organizing the Ossing community in the United Kingdom to raise funds which facilitated the reinstatement of electricity in the village, also revealed that “Chief Tedy Ako can count on ODCA-UK for maximum support towards any development projects in the village”

By Isong Asu