Paris: French Cameroun Minister leaves church by side door surrounded by family 0

Minister Celestine Ketcha Courtes reportedly left a Catholic church in Paris, France, through a side door to chants of “Southern Cameroons genocide” and “shame on you”.

The French Cameroun Minister of Housing and Urban Development was visiting her kids and extended family members in the French capital and made the unfortunate decision to attend Sunday service at a church but met with a stone wall erected by French Cameroun activists who pressured the presiding priest to kick her out of the vicinity.

Witnesses described the disgraced Celestine Ketcha Courtes being bundled into a taxi by her daughter amid fury from the pushing crowd of French Cameroun anti Biya activists less than five minutes after protests erupted inside the church.

The 55 year old left the church through a side door and was too ashamed to face the congregation, at which point family members had to hold back the angry BAS members, breaking up a scuffle as the so-called minister’s taxi drove off.

Footage shows the French Cameroun woman covering her face with a Covid-19 mask as she left the church.

By Chi Prudence Asong