Paris: Protesters call for Biya’s resignation 0

Hundreds of Cameroonians have held a huge protest in the diaspora and demanded for the resignation of President Paul Biya.

The anti-Biya protest held in Paris, France is adding up to a mounting pressure on the Biya regime.

Protesters displayed the pictures of the incarcerated leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Party, Professor Maurice Kamto.

Anglophone Cameroon has been in turmoil for years now following security crackdown on separatists attempting to declare an independent state.

Cameroonians in English speaking regions say the French-dominated speaking country has discriminated against them for years.

85 year old President, Paul Biya was sworn in for his seventh term last year.

Mr. Biya had pledged to uphold the “integrity” and “unity” of his country. But he appears to be coming under intense pressure over some human rights abuses.

President Biya is however poised to extend his extend his 36-year rule, cementing his place among Africa’s longest serving leaders.

He will end his tenure at the age of 92. Biya came into power in 1982 when his predecessor then retired.

Source: Africafeeds