Petit Pays launches Greatest Comeback tour in USA 0

He spoke of his deep remorse after it emerged he had shied away from a live television broadcast in Cameroon. And yesterday Petit Pays aka Rabbi Rabba took a further step to rebuild his international image by revealing that Peur dans la cite would have a prominent place on his latest tour.

From his headquarters in the US, Petit Pays and Les Sans Visas announced the dates of their greatest comeback tour that could earn them millions of US dollars. Turbo announced earlier today that he will be on stage in the US, Canada and Europe in a tour that will feature all his hits plus songs and that of Les Sans Visas.

But it was the revelation that the Les Sans Visas will be travelling with him that raised eyebrows at yesterday’s press briefing with the Cameroon Concord News Group. Attached here is Petit Pays’s schedule for the “Greatest Comeback Tour” that involves a presentation in Cameroon:

JULY 29TH, 2017: TORONTO, Canada
August the 5TH: Bafoussam, Cameroon
August the 12th: ESSEN, GERMANY (Live Band)
August the 19TH: CALGARY, CANADA
August the 26th: Ottawa, Canada
September, Saturday the 16TH: MONTREAL, CANADA (Live Band)

By Soter Tarh Agabw-Ebai
Cameroon Concord News