Petit Pays releases new album-“Wala Longo’o” 0

The King of Makossa Love, Petit Pays has made public a new release entitled “Wala Long’o”.  A statement from his manager-promoter  MOH KUKOURI VIP PRODUCTION speaks of the artist trials and tribulations including his rehab following a serious accident.

Below is the official press release from  MOH KUKOURI VIP PRODUCTION: When death stares you in the face, then stare right back and ROCK. Petit Pays had been in a fatal accident a few months ago. The composition and recording of this album “WALA LONGO’O” was entirely written after a leg and hand surgery from the accident.

He was bedridden for months and almost sunk deeply into depression. The fruits of his struggle surfaced, like its rehabilitated creator, proving that heaviness comes in many forms and is dark when it’s true. The album speaks to his testimony. Let’s enjoy it…… Below is the link to the entire album and video clip of one of the tracks “Mandela Soweto.”