Philemon Yang Bamenda mission meets a Southern Cameroons stonewall 0

Prime Minister Philemon Yang has been told that schools can only resume if the Biya Francophone government releases all Anglophone detainees, demilitarized Southern Cameroons and reinstate internet services.  The Biya emissary who started a tour of the Bamenda Province of Southern Cameroons in the Mezam constituency had insisted that parents should send their children to school.

Hon. Wilfred Fusi Naamukong was the prophetic voice of the people in the forum that held at the Bamenda Congress Hall. The MP dismissed claims by the Head of Government that the Yaoundé regime was engaged in broader dialogue with the Anglophone communities.

Yang Philemon angered participants at the meeting when he opined that the government ordered the massive arrest of Southern Cameroonians and militarized the territory because of the hostile attitude of some locals. The meeting at the congress hall grouped elites, parliamentarians, traditional rulers, head teachers, principals, and parents but failed to come out with any concrete solution to the Anglophone crisis.

Philemon Yang will be visiting other administrative units of the Bamenda province such as Boyo, Momo, Menchum, Ngo-Ketundjia, Donga Mantung and Bui.