President Biya has been absent from the country for 22 days now!! 0

African Heads of State will from Monday the 10th to Saturday, the 15th of October, 2016 hold a summit on maritime safety and governance for security and development in Africa. Thirty leaders and heads of government are expected in the Togolese capital, Lome on the 15th of October for the closure of the summit.

Faure Gnassingbe, the Togolese President had personally invited his Cameroonian counterpart Paul Biya during a private meeting on the side-lines of the 71st session of the UN General Assembly, which held from Monday the 19th to Monday the 26th of September, 2016 in New York.

The Togolese President was in Yaounde in 2013 during the Summit of Heads of State and Governments of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), the Economic Community of States of West Africa (ECOWAS) and the Gulf of Guinea Commission (CGG) on the Maritime Safety and Security in the Gulf of Guinea.

Local media reports from the nation’s capital Yaounde say a lot of tongues have been wagging if President Biya will make the trip to Togo. Biya has been absent from the country for 22 days now in an unknown destination. When he left Yaoundé on September the 16th, 2016, a statement from the Civil Cabinet at the Presidency of the Republic announced that he was going to the United States to attend the 71st session of the UN general assembly. Biya reportedly left New York a day before the closing of the UN General Assembly for a secret destination.

By Chi Prudence Asong