President Biya’s Court to make public the Mebara verdict 0

Cameroon Intelligence Report has gathered from reliable sources at the Special Criminal Court that the verdict on case number 003 / RG- TCS / 2016 involving the former Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, Jean Atangana Mebara shall be made public on the 22nd of June 2016.

Minister Mebara was charged for embezzlement of 5 million US dollars in a presidential jet scandal that rocked the Cameroonian nation.  Depicting the Special Criminal Court established to prosecute alleged corrupt government officials and the several Alibabas responsible for pilfering from the public treasury as the President’s court is no misnomer.

We call it the President’s court because it is one instrument of power through which the President is reining in on perceived opponents from within his CPDM power conduit. An attribute of a genuine court is the fairness of the trial proceedings in cases which are brought before the court for trial. It is not the number of convictions entered against accused.

A court is legitimate and recognized as such because of its exercise of judicial, executive, legislative and administrative independence.  A court that is independent must be accessible to all citizens after all, is equality before the law, not a constitutionally protected value? The Special Criminal Court is lacking in these attributes of impartiality, judicial independence and accessibility.  It is perceived more as the President’s Court than a Court of Justice.