President Biya’s health deteriorating 0

Cameroon Intelligence Report sources have revealed that 4 heads of state were scheduled to visit Yaoundé in the last eight months and have meetings with President Biya, yet these visits have been perpetually annulled.

Our sources further pointed out that the main reason for the cancellation of these visits was the state of Biya’s health that has been deteriorating. Among the heads of state who decided to cancel their visits to Cameroon were the Ivorian President Ouattara, President Denis Sassou Nguesso of Congo Brazzaville, President Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea and the Head of State of Niger Republic.

Etoudi has also reportedly stopped a lobbying process for a visit by French President Emmanuel Macron to Cameroon.  However a number of world leaders have visited Cameroon, mainly African presidents including the head of the Republic of Chad, Idris Deby and the Senegalese President.

Biya also met the CEO of the African Development Bank as well as the Italian Head of State recently in Yaoundé.  French Cameroon political commentators have said that Biya’s continued stay in power  despite his ailing health is proof that Paris and the Francophone dominated military leadership is working on finding an alternative which would appease all the political parties including Southern Cameroonians.

Biya assumed the presidency on November 6th 1982 and has been re-elected uncountable times following the staging of numerous counterfeit presidential elections and his supporters are preparing for another mandate in the 2018 elections.

Biya has made constitutional amendments that grant him the right to run for successive presidential terms, after the previous text of the Constitution limited the number of covenants to only two.

Biya was last seen at the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York. He remained in a five star Intercontinental Hotel in Swiss from where he is receiving treatment for prostate cancer. We gathered he has lost his ability to speak. The state of his health has prompted some key figures within his ruling CPDM party to demand he step down but these calls have been unanswered.

Source: Cameroon Intelligence Report