President Paul Biya’s daughter, Brenda Biya hit back haters for her big eyes 0

President of Cameroon, Paul Biya’s daughter, Anastasia Brenda Biya Eyenga also know as Brenda Biya has hit back to the internet users who were repeatedly making fun of her big eyes.

Given the extent that taking those teasing, the young woman has decided to respond to its critics.

“I don’t want the disease Graves ‘ disease to a person. But I think sometimes, I would like you to understand,” she said in her story Instagram.

“You make fun of someone who has a defect due to a disease! It shows the blackness of your souls, and jealousy in your heart, “she added.

Brenda Biya is suffering from a disease that is due to a disorder that causes hyperthyroidism in which thyroid hormones are produced in excess. This explains the size of the eye of Brenda Biya for years already.

It has to result in changes in vision, eye irritation, or exophthalmos-protrusion-important eyes due to the swelling of the tissues in the orbital around the eyes. The swelling of the eyes, a symptom found in it is a part.

There is no cure for the disease. But, there are treatments available to reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms. The first solution is the taking of medications antithyroid drugs to block the production of thyroid hormones.

Recently, Brenda had launched her own brand ‘Bree Culture’. She made the announcement on her official Facebook account.

She had announced the creation of her company called ‘Bree Culture Inc Shopping’. This company will specialize in the sale of wigs and craft shows.