President Putin says ‘real war’ unleashed on Russia in Victory Day speech 0

Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that “a real war” has been unleashed against Russia as he addressed a Victory Day parade in Moscow on Tuesday. Officials in Kyiv said Russia fired a dozen cruise missiles at the capital city overnight, a day after launching its biggest drone swarm yet in a renewed air campaign targeting Ukrainian cities.

Correspondingly, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has urged Europe to stand strong against Moscow’s war on Ukraine, responding to Russia’s bombastic military parade.

“In Moscow, 2,200 kilometres northeast from here, Putin is parading his soldiers, tanks and rockets. Let us not be intimidated by such a show of force,” Scholz told the European Parliament, referring to Russia’s Putin.

“Let’s stay steadfast in our support for Ukraine – as long as it is necessary,” he said.

Source: France 24