President Rouhani of Iran says today is not the age of building walls between countries 1

“Today is not the time of wall-raising between nations. Have they forgotten that the Berlin Wall collapsed years ago?” President Rouhani said in an apparent reference to US government officials, who have been planning to build a wall on the Mexican border.

“[Even] if there is a wall between nations, it has to be removed,” the Iranian chief executive said. He was speaking during the 17th World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations Convention in the capital, Tehran, on Saturday. Figures from some 40 countries have gathered for the conference.

“Today’s world is not a world where one can create distances between the nations and peoples of different territories. Today is a day of neighborhood. We have become neighbors in cultural, scientific, and civilizational terms, and also, the world of communications and communications technology have shrunk distances,” President Rouhani said. “No one can fight globalization today.”

 “Iran has, in recent years, shown and said it loud and clear to the whole world that it is a country of peace and friendship,” he said. “We favor and take pride in peace, reconciliation, brotherhood, and peaceful coexistence.” He said that the scourge of terrorism was doing irreversible damage to both humanity and the relics of ancient civilization. Iran provided assistance to Iraq and Syria, Rouhani said, to help them eradicate terrorism.