Pro Biya newspaper announces the creation of a Southern Cameroons Defense Force 4

The Francophone Beti Ewondo political newspaper, La Nouvelle has again published a report aimed at the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium. The Yaoundé based tabloid reported on its March 6, 2017 edition that the Consortium have created an army called the “Southern Cameroon Defense Forces”. The Francophone newspaper added that the leaders of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium had previously sent threatening messages to President Biya in which they announced that Southern Cameroonians were contributing money for the purchase of very sophisticated weapons.

The paper sponsored by barons of the Biya Francophone regime observed that the weapons were already in circulation in West Cameroon. In its attempt to make it look real to the French Cameroun public opinion, La Nouvelle revealed that the military hardware were smuggled to Cameroon through the same circuit as the flags and gadgets used by activists during the demonstrations organized in the Northwest and South-West regions.

The newspaper La Nouvelle, had in some previous editions, maintained that the oil fields of the Bakassi peninsula was one of the major stakes of the Anglophone crisis. The editors of the said publication reportedly have access to heavy government funding and are encouraging the massive rapes, extra judicial killings and arrest by the Cameroun army in Southern Cameroons.

La Nouvelle also stated that the goal of the Southern Cameroon Defense Forces would be to: “train, sensitize young people to the creation of an armed front, to fight law enforcement forces in the Northwest and South-West regions.”  La Nouvelle indicated that the rebellion in the making is headed by Nsoh Foncha Nkem, who has declared himself Chief of Defense Staff of Southern Cameroon.  Cameroon Intelligence Report understands Nsoh Foncha Nkem loves posting pictures of him in military attire on his Face Book page even before the Anglophone revolution started in 2016.

Culled from CIR