Professor Carlson Anyangwe: Ambazonia Restoration Forces are winning the French Cameroun war 0

A leading Southern Cameroons academic has opined that Ambazonia Restoration Forces and the popular Interim Government are winning the French Cameroun war currently going on in Southern Cameroons.

Professor Carlson Anyangwe in a conversation with Cameroon Concord News Group stressed that soon and very soon, La Republique du Cameroun and its ruling CPDM losers will be running to speak to the jailed leaders in Yaoundé.

The Southern Cameroons veteran and front line leader analyzed the situation in Ground Zero, where French Cameroun army soldiers have killed at least 40 000 lives, almost all of them civilian, children, men and women, murdered in a series of targeted killings, organized massacres, and killings by fire in over 400 villages burnt down to ashes across Ambazonia.

Carlson Anyangwe noted that the Southern Cameroons was one of the territories set for decolonization in the context of the UN decolonization agenda. “Britain’s devious handling of it and the British wheeling and dealing at the UN in 1959 and 1960 caused a great historical injustice to the people of the Southern Cameroons. That injustice continues to cry out for redress” Anyangwe added.

Professor Anyangwe pointed out that the corrupt French Cameroun leader launched the offensive against the people of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia on the assumption that it would bring an easy victory to him and guarantee his continued stay in power in La Republique du Cameroun.

I think the Southern Cameroons war has become a public relations debacle, as the French Cameroun ruling CPDM crime syndicate is not only publicly brutalizing a desperate and impoverished people but also demonstrating that with support, the French Cameroun military is still incapable of defeating an ill-equip Ambazonia Restoration Force despite millions of Euros and French military hardware.”

On a lighter note, the renowned academic furthered that “Building Churches in French Cameroun with blood money and covid-19 funds does not guarantee any true Southern Cameroonian a place in Heaven.”

By Asu Vera Eyere