Reasons why the North West/South West Divide tactics is outdated 0

Two Higher Teachers Training Colleges existed in the then United Republic of Cameroon. Bamenda for Southern Cameroonians and Yaoundé for French speaking Cameroonians.  The Francophone spiritual and political leaders said let us pray for national integration, peace, work and fatherland and we closed our eyes and Yaoundé became Higher Ecole Normale and Bamenda, the Annex!!! Today out of 100 student teachers admitted in Bamenda 80 are from French Cameroon. This begs the question: How can this be North West domination over the South West people?

Buea had a School of Posts and Telecommunications for Anglophone Cameroon and Yaoundé for French Cameroonians. As Francis Nkwain, E.T.Egbe, Joseph Awunti and Muna were concluding the last stanza of the peace, work and fatherland prayer, Buea became annex and Yaoundé was renamed Higher School of Post and Telecom. Today, 162 students are presently studying in Buea and all of them are French speaking Cameroonians. The language of study is French and all lecturers too are Francophones. How can this be North West domination of the South West region?

The situation at the Public Works School in Buea is shameful, disgusting and disgraceful. Of the 200 students currently studying there, only 27 are from the North West and South West regions. This cannot be a North West or Fru Ndi SDF plot against the South West people.

In the University of Buea, lectures are given predominantly in French. In the School of Translators and Interpreters, only 7 Anglophones are presently there. In Police Academy in Mutengene, out of 400 young officers including administrators only 22 are Anglophones. This cannot be a Bafurchou mafia arrangement against the South West people.

At the Regional Delegation for Health apart from the Regional Delegate and the NTCP coordinator any other person sitting in a Program with huge budget is Francophone. All District Medical Officers in Limbe are Francophone. All districts medical Administrators from ENAM in the South West are Francophones.

Those who championed the North West/South West divide policy as teleguided by the regime in Yaoundé have all been given a thank you package. Chief Inoni in Kodengui, Forjindam at New Bell, Peter Agbor Tabi eliminated. Your turn will come sooner or later