Recovering Southern Cameroons stolen wealth must NOT be equated with ransom 0

Cameroon Concord News has read the press release issued by the Communication Secretary of the Interim Government Chris Anu on the recent self-defense operations by the Ambazonia self-defense forces in Lebialem and Meme Counties of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. Cameroon Concord News Group agrees with key parts of his press release but disagrees with the characterization of the recovery of a meagre part of the stolen wealth of the Southern Cameroons from some recently arrested slave agents and collaborators of the colonial regime of French Cameroun as “ransom”. That characterization must be contextualized and corrected.  The principled position taken by Cameroon Concord News on this matter must not be misconstrued by visionless agitators who have taken upon themselves the license to attack all the laudable efforts that the Interim Government is putting in place to unite our self-defense forces and harmonize our self-defense strategies for operational efficiency and coordinated effectiveness.  Cameroon Concord News disagrees and makes recommendations that aimed at attaining the harmonization of our self-defense operations in ground zero as well as other critical areas of our self-defense efforts.

The arrest of Professor Leke Tambo in Lebialem, the civil/military administrator of Batibo, that of the regional social work administrator and others in Meme and elsewhere where arrests of alien enemy collaborators that occurred within the territory of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.  These individuals were active participants in the war and genocide against the people and territory of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

Professor Leke Tambo for example was never abducted or kidnapped while on a visit to his Bangwa native land. He has undertaken many such trips but was not arrested. He was not arrested because he did not then violate the security laws imposed by our self-defense forces aimed at protecting the people and the Ambazonia territorial integrity.  He was arrested in a combat operation mounted by ground zero self -defense forces in Lebialem County aimed at protecting the population and the territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia from a foreign enemy colonial administration.

The alien enemy colonial government organized an occasion in Menji-Lebialem in the heart of the Bangwa heartland to congratulate Paul Biya who has presided over and supervised the genocide of Southern Cameroonians. That occasion was an act of aggression against the territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.  It was an act of provocation intended to demonstrate that the alien enemy had effective control of Lebialem and that the population of Lebialem was happy with the continuing genocide that has claimed the lives of Ambazonian civilians including persons of Lebialem origin.

One Amin, an engineer graduate from India who was gunned down in cold blood in Kumba came from Lewoh, the home town of Professor Tambo. It will come as no surprise to Cameroon Concord News if he was related to Professor Tambo. The assassination of this armless innocent man based on his citizenship of Ambazonia did not alarm the Professor. He did not publicly condemn it. Maybe it was out of fear for his own life from a regime he served and from which he has benefited. However he had a moral choice, call it agency, not to join in dancing on the grave of this innocent man and that of thousands of Lebialem victims of the genocide in Kombone, Kwakwa, Marumba, Mutengene, Ekona, Munyenge, Ikata and elsewhere in Ambazonia by joining the bandwagon to celebrate and thank Paul Biya for rewarding Paul Tasong, a noted collaborator in Bangwaland with a controlled Ministerial appointment. The Lebialam population boycotted the occasion and the crime syndicate had to ferry in students from the University of Dschang in neighbouring French Cameroun to fake support for the sanguinary despot with the blood of the innocent on his hands. This was unacceptable.

The appointment of Professor Leke Tambo as the Chairman of the embattled GCE Board required that he shreds his uniform and membership of the outlawed CPDM crime syndicate with immediate effect. The burden is on him to demonstrate that he is no longer a member of that criminal gang and that he is truly independent. The occasion and place of his arrest are strong signals that his appointment as chairman of the GCE Board may be intended to solidify the cultural genocide that together with the destruction of the legal system triggered Ambazonia revolution. He was indeed at the wrong place fulfilling a wrong mandate. If that is how his tenure at the GCE Board will be, then he is setting himself up for further surprises. The next time around, either in his native Lebialem or elsewhere, he may not be so lucky.

Professor Leke Tambo knew that the event he was attending was banned by the Ambazonia self-defense forces in Lebialem.  He knew that a violation of the ban was not going to be tolerated. He knew that the banned occasion was to take place within the territory of the legendary Fontem Asonganyi who held the German aggressors at bay in ferocious resistance for nine years.  French Cameroun has acted with caution in Bangwaland since the escalation of the war of aggression. To test the history of Ambazonia, French Cameroun commenced their war of genocide from many locations in Manyu, among them Nsanankang, where the Germans met their defeat.   As a noted historian, Professor Tambo Leke was in a better position to advise his French Cameroun masters that these historical realities are not myths and that the same provocations will produce the same results.  The Professor knows that the Bangwa self-defenders can fight another nine years war to ensure that genocide does not happen in their land and with their peers in other areas of Ambazonia, halt the ongoing genocide and punish the colonial vandals appropriately.

Cameroon Concord News was not opposed to the release of Professor Leke Tambo contrary to the sentiments expressed by some uninformed individuals. Cameroon Concord News and Cameroon Intelligence Report while calling for unity among the self-defense groups, nevertheless calls on deference to local self-defense forces on several decisions which only them have a firsthand opportunity to assess and take. It is only ground zero self-defense forces who can assess the local realities in the prosecution of this war that French Cameroun imposed on us. We of this publication advise all ground zero self-defenses forces to emulate the operational strategy of Lebialem self-defense forces. They did not hit and run but held the territory they occupied. Although five trucks of colonial forces were deployed from Mamfe and three from Bafoussam to attack them, they held their territory and imposed a combat red line which the enemy did not dare to cross. Had they hit and ran, the enemy would have been provided an opportunity to loot, rape, pillage and torch civilian settlements in Lebialem without an opposing self-defense force opposing these acts of criminality.

Cameroon Concord News investigations confirmed that although Professor Leke Tambo flirted with the banned CPDM crime syndicate potential as a survival tactic in the administration of the alien enemy, French Cameroun, Leke Tambo possessed strong positive human qualities that were recognized by those who know him in his native Bangwa. He used his personal resources and human qualities to improve the lives of the very poor in some abandoned communities in his Bangwa Lebialem homeland. He is a humble man with a good heart. The self-defense operation, in which Leke Tambo was arrested, did not indeed target him. He was not a known member of a dangerous group of traitors comprising Paul Tasong, Benard Foju and George Tabetando of Bachuo Ntai along with slave servants of Lebialem origin whom the self-defense forces had unimpeachable evidence of plotting to infiltrate collaborators, bribe some Fons and elite of Lebialem at home and out of Lebialem to invite BIR to commit genocide in Lebialem county.  Cameroon Concord News obtained information from its correspondence in Lebialem that the population widely condemned Leke Tambo’s participation in the criminal organization to thank Paul Biya but had sympathy on him because of his personal services to the poor in his native land without the banned CPDM or colonial government involvement. The non-political nature of his social and humanitarian actions more than an alleged ransom determined his release.

His decision to violate the ban imposed to protect the people and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia was the most offensive action he took in time of war. His release with or without the refund of some of the stolen wealth of Ambazonia must be understood within the context of his personal human qualities. His participation in the banned criminal ceremony threatened to jeopardize years of his selfless contributions to the wellbeing of his own people and his native community.

Cameroon Concord News places the arrests of collaborators of French Cameroun in Kumba, Batibo and elsewhere within the framework of reasonable self-defense. An alien enemy administrator performs administrative as well as services of a military nature. He or she deploys gendarmes and soldiers to torch civilian settlements, kill and maim innocent Ambazonians, abduct and disappear hundreds of thousands Ambazonian civilians. Ambazonia collaborators of the alien enemy are as culpable as the enemy combatants or soldiers. Their detention, interrogation for getting intelligence of a security and war nature is appropriate.  Their detention must comply with the laws of war and the Geneva Conventions although French Cameroun and Nigeria have proved through the abduction of the President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and the members of the Interim Government, the summary executions of armless civilians, the torching of civilian settlements and motorcycles, the looting and pillage of civilian food and means of subsistence, that they do not respect the laws and customs of war and the Geneva Conventions.

 On the question of the alleged payment of alleged ransom, Cameroon Concord News has in the past made detailed publications about the payment of ransom and bribes by French Cameroun as a legitimate arm of war. French Cameroun’s well-known Boko-Haram collaborators/intermediaries Ahmadou, Ali, Cavaye Djribril and Isa Tchiroma Bakary have made enormous wealth organizing the abduction of foreign nations in Northern French Cameroun and obtaining the payment of ransom with the blessing of Paul Biya. Paul Biya benefits from the Boko Haram war economy through the diversion of resources deployed by international organizations and supporting foreign governments.  Atanga Nji, the criminal kingpin of Ambazonia origin and a slave executioner of French Cameroun’s genocide policy in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, was co-opted into this network to facilitate the movement of laundered funds from French Cameroun to criminal sanctuaries in the Africa Sahel, Nigeria, and other classified foreign locations.  This elaborate network links criminal kingpins within the crime syndicate in French Cameroun and their political Islam crime networks within the Buhari administration in Nigeria. Prominent among this criminal network is Mohammed Babagana Mungano, the Buhari national security adviser. Buhari late last year appointed a senior officer of the Nigerian Army involved in serious corruption scams who was serving in the multinational forces fighting Boko Haram as the director of the National Intelligence organization.  This came in the wake of the abduction and disappearance of the President of the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia H.E Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe and members of the Interim Government after Buhari received millions of Euros of bribe money from French Cameroun laundered through this network.  The Buhari Administration has also paid ransom of hundreds of millions of dollars to Boko Haram for the release of Chibok School girls whom Buhari’s political Islam network organized to discredit the Good Luck Jonathan administration. The criminal network adjudged that the “bring back our girls” political scam that was created and paid to politicize the abductions to undermine Good luck Jonathan was out of its mandate and decided to indemnify its Boko Haram foot soldiers through the payment of ransom.  Despite the payment of ransom, some of the girls are still being held to ensure the relevance, influence and survival of the armed wing of the political Islam outfit so-called Boko Haram.  

Contrary to the above situation, Ambazonia did not declare war against French Cameroun or Nigeria.  Southern Cameroons/ Ambazonia is an internationally recognized territory under international law.  Southern/ Cameroons Ambazonia is a victim of aggression and genocide by its neighbours.  The crimes committed against the Federal Republic of   Ambazonia for fifty-six years which intensified in the last two years are of an economic, cultural and human nature. The economic war has led to the looting and pillaging of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia economy, natural resources, land grab, and destruction of the means of sustenance and starving our people to death. The cultural genocide targets our identity and our very existence. The human component targeted our sanity and our lives. Gendarmes, secret police and soldiers are deployed to our communities to rape our girls and women, humiliate our chiefs, desecrate our religious and core spiritual belief system, impose perpetual fear in our lives and render our so-called elites, Fons and Chiefs beggars and subservient collaborators in the annexation, systematic massacre, abduction and disappearance of their own people. Our traditional rulers have been turned into auxiliaries of an alien enemy administration and informants of the brutal colonial secret police in the land which our ancestors passed over to us and posterity. These are the crimes our Ambazonia self defense groups have taken up arms to free all of us from. If they arrest enemy collaborators or request banned enemy economic operators to pay back some of our own money which they stole or facilitated the theft through their conscious collaboration or facilitation, that, cannot be characterized as ransom. Our self-defense forces need to acquire weapons to prosecute the liberation war of self-defense. They need to feed themselves. They need to acquire intelligence from the enemy camp. They need to secure our borders and our communities. They live the daily realities of the brutal acts of genocide and must take self-survival tactics to fight this war which is escalating every day.

Cameroon Concord News Group adopts this strategy with serious caution and precautionary measures to prevent enemies and criminals paid by Atanga Nji and French Cameroun from infiltrating and extorting money inappropriately.  If any individuals or group of individuals without the authority of the Interim Government or the self-defense command in ground zero extort money from Ambazonia civilian population needing protection, or any individual or groups not involved in the self-defense war effort are caught extorting money, that individual or group should be declared alien enemy collaborators or agents and dealt with accordingly.  The recovery of the stolen wealth of Ambazonia most be done in an organized manner and proper records kept for accountability purposes.  The Federal Republic of Ambazonia is engaged in a war of self-defense and the recovery of our sovereignty over our territory and resources must be paramount.

Cameroon Concord News takes this opportunity to underscore once more the need for the Interim Government to ban all celebrations aimed at supporting Paul Biya and the genocidal war in our land. Any ceremony that undermines our sovereignty must be banned.  The circulation of all French Cameroons military, police, administrative and gendarme vehicles must be banned.  A system of passes for circulation of vehicles in targeted security zones must be instituted.  Finally, our self-defense forces must regulate and use secured communication channels to render the technical intelligence network deployed by French Cameroun, France and Nigeria against us ineffective.   Our technical intelligence warfare capability must be re-enforced. This area of operation on our part has routed enemy operations in key battle zones at home and abroad. It is a critical area of operations over which we have great potential of relying on to contribute to our victory over the enemies no matter the size and no matter from which part of the world in which we may find ourselves.  This again requires critical unity, collaboration and coordination.

To this I put my name

Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai

Chairman, Editor-in-Chief

Cameroon Concord News Group