Release of Consortium leaders: CAMCORDNEWS Chairman says Atanga Nji, Tabetando, Musonge et al, licking their wounds 0

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Cameroon Concord News Group has reacted to the decision by President Paul Biya releasing the leaders of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium including Lord Justice Ayah Paul Abine and the hundreds of other Southern Cameroons activists detained in Yaounde ever since the Southern Cameroons revolution started.

The Right Honourable Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai told CAMCORDNEWS Chi Prudence Asong that “You must have noticed that Biya in his press release did not for the first time talk about Cameroun being one and indivisible. People like Chief TabeTando, Minister Atanga Nji, Mafany Musonge, Laurent Esso, Fame Ndongo and my great friend, Ngole Ngole Elvis are licking their wounds now. The Revolution will sweep away traitors like them as it will sweep Paul Biya himself.

His decision will not resuscitate hundreds of Southern Cameroons lives that have been exterminated in the genocide against them these 56 years. It will not resuscitate the economy plundered or the cultural values bastardised.

Without a total pull out of it’s army of occupation and it’s administration out of the Southern Cameroons to the International boundaries inherited at independence, nothing will change in our opposition and resistance.

Liberating those captives his army did not massacre without redressing the fundamental question of annexation and Colonial occupation will not dampen our resistance. He has ordered the captives released but the system that imprisoned them is still in place. We will resist until we attain our liberation.

The Southern Cameroons liberation revolution for which thousands have lost their lives to the brutality and bestiality of colonial rule over 56 years was never about abducting and holding some of our people hostage only. That is only part of our grievances. It was and is about a Criminal policy and Criminal institutions imposed on our territory which holds all of us hostages. Freeing the captives without scraping the Criminal system and vacating our territory will only strengthen our resolve to free ourselves and our territory which renewed intensity.”

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