Remembering the Lake Nyos Disaster of 21 August 1986: Ambazonia Interim Gov’t Statement 0

Dear Ambazonians; Accept Revolutionary Greetings

Today, we commemorate, with sad hearts, the unfortunate incident on 21 August 1986, when Lake Nyos, in the Oku volcanic plain, released poisonous gases that killed at least 1750 of our people, affected thousands more, and destroyed thousands of livestock. The lives and livelihoods of our compatriots were abruptly disrupted and shattered.

Survivors have carried the scar of this event for 34 years. As leadership of the Interim Government, we share in their grief and express our feelings of solidarity, asking God to bless them, and those we lost on that fateful night. I humbly request that Ambazonians and all women and men of goodwill say a prayer for the victims of this infamous event.

As we work hard to restore our nation with resolve, we are conscious of the need to build a cohesive and inclusive society, one in which human dignity is upheld and protected; where the unfortunate, the weak, and the less privileged are not assigned to the fringes of society. We thirst for a nation in which all talent finds equal opportunity for human development, well-being and happiness.

Long Live Ambazonia,

God bless you all

Dabney Yerima

Vice President

Federal Republic of Ambazonia