Replacing Biya: What else do French-speaking Cameroonians want? 0

Cameroon is going down the drain and only Cameroonian citizens, especially French-speaking, can end the mess playing out in the country.

They claim they are scared of soldiers because Mr. Biya’s military is wicked and trained to kill. But this is not totally true. There is an issue of courage in this whole situation.

English-speaking Cameroonians have proven that the so-called well trained army is a myth. The soldiers are simply armed scouts in military fatigue.

At the height of the Southern Cameroons war of independence, Ambazonians slaughtered the country’s military like fouls and goats, sometimes chopping off their heads, limbs and hands in front of a camera. Some of the soldiers were even robbed of their manhood as a way of telling them that they were in the wrong territory.

When arrested by brave Ambazonian fighters, Francophone soldiers cried like babies, sometimes pleading with brave Amba fighters to forgive their sins as if Amba fighters were Roman Catholic priest to whom they had to confess.

More than four thousand Cameroon government soldiers have been killed during the fierce fighting, with more than three thousand scarred both mentally and physically.

Some of those so-called soldiers even walked away from the war front, screaming and crying for mercy as brave Southern Cameroonian fighters pursued them.

Many of those Biya regime soldiers even had to bribe their bosses for them not to be sent to the war front.

Stories told by their colleagues who survived Amba onslaughts rang in their minds and many simply deserted and left the country. Amba fighters have succeeded to strike fear in the minds of those La Republique du Cameroun scouts who are erroneously known as BIR soldiers. Even the Rapid Intervention Squad (BIR) has been kicked out of Southern Cameroons with their tail between their legs.

So, what are French-speaking Cameroonians still waiting for? They want the entire country to disappear for them to understand that the solutions to the mess playing out in the country are in their hands?

It is time for young French-speaking Cameroonians to muster courage to face the armed scouts in their country. If they think someone else will bail them out of their predicament, then they will have to wait forever.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai